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Why Men Increasingly Avoid Marriage

Across the internet, women have begun making statements such as:

Why are men avoiding marriage?
Why do guys avoid commitment?

Being single sucks.

A Carl Weisman study showed American men are increasingly avoiding marriage. In many other countries, like Italy, Spain, Australia and so on, Men fear getting involved in bad marriages with bad wives. This fear is partly driven by the Nazifeminist based anti-husband messages of women’s magazines, TV and writers.

For example, look at those femminine Magazines, many claims their marriage survey shows moms are angry at their husbands “at surprising levels”. They state husbands “often don’t notice what needs to be done around the house or with the kids”.

They also claim husbands have “more time to themselves” as compared with moms. Their survey stated 46% of moms get irate with their husbands once a week or more. Lisa Bain, executive editor of Parenting Magazine said “The truth is if you prick any one of us with a little pin, anger comes out”. Female writers of ABC News and the Associated Press discussed the survey and expressed outrage at husbands.

However, the magazine’s survey completely ignored husbands. No husband was asked anything. His opinions were considered unimportant. His efforts at work were ignored and he was largely unappreciated by his wife, also this trend is the same when someone interview people in the streets, very few men and a lot of women.

Another example: One stay at home mom participating in the survey stated she was angered at her husband (who worked 11 hour days) because he set aside some time one day a week to be an independent music producer – something he enjoyed. Another wife responding to the survey stated though her husband did 60% of the housework plus his job, she was angered she had to ask him to do housework.

Single men wonder why is he doing 60% of the work plus his job. They think:

Why should I get married if my opinions don’t matter?
Why would I want to marry a woman who will be mad at me every week for the rest of my life because I don’t do things her way?
Why is she my boss?

It should also be noted none of the wives in the survey report stated they help their husband with house repairs. Additionally, Glen Sacks stated, according to the Bureau of Labor Statics, men’s time to themselves is a meaningless 1% higher than women’s.

Another example: aMERICAN women’s magazine “Double X”, promotes books where wives cheat on their husbands. The book ‘Prospect Park West’ was promoted with the headline “Mommies Want to Have Sex, Just Not With Their Husbands”.

The book ‘The Seven Year Itch’ was promoted with the question “is it still realistic to expect wives to remain faithful to their husbands?” Conversely Double X continuously criticizes cheating husbands. The feminist notion its acceptable for a wife to cheat but wrong for her husband to be unfaithful has also been promoted by the online women’s magazine Ivillage (though not all its writers agree with this mentality), female writers of the online magazine Askmen and, incredibly, Men’s Health Magazine. Additionally, female reporters of ABCNews & Good Morning America continuously criticize cheating husbands. They refuse to criticize cheating wives.

Single men think:
Why get married if its ok for my wife to cheat but I have to remain faithful?
Why should I give up dating different women to be married to a cheating wife?
Why should I accept abuse?

Many husbands around the world have begun asking these same questions and have begun dumping their cheating wives in increasing numbers. This has given rise to websites such as “Stop Your Divorce in 4weeks” and “Cheatingways”. These sites seek to prevent husbands from divorcing their cheating wives. The 2nd site (owned by a woman) actually encourages wives to cheat on their husbands. It offers wives a wealth of tips on how to deceive and fraud their husband. The site apparently was not founded with this intent but, like most of the countries all over the world, drifted into an anti-husband mentality!

Single men think:

Since marriage means the exploitation of husbands then why the hell should I get married? Do they think I’m stupid?

Lastly, in many countries (e.g: U.S.A, Spain, Italy and so on) divorce laws also cause men to fear marriage.

The feminist judicial system often rules against husbands in divorce. Husband’s are usually ordered to pay large alimony / child support payments to the ex-wife. Some claim the child support payments contain hidden alimony. In many countries, these payments don’t decrease if the ex-wife’s income dramatically increases after the divorce or if she get another man/husband.

Though some wives with high paying jobs have been ordered to pay alimony/child support to their ex-husbands, many judges are reluctant to apply divorce laws equally. Additionally, if the husband later loses his job & fails to continue child support payments, he will be jailed or punished severely!

A husband may also face false accusations of sexual and child abuse during the divorce. In those countries with heavy feminist bureaucracy, the husband will have to prove his innocence while stay in prison.

Some wives will interfere with the husband’s visitation rights to his children. In feminist oriented countries, the courts will do nothing to stop her. And paternity fraud remains legal.

::::::The divorce system is designed to trap men in bad marriages with bad wives.

An increasing number of men in many countries are now reaching the conclusion that being a husband is not worth it. The better deal is to remain single and have a series of relationships with different women while pursuing hobbies and life goals.
Additionally, a college educated single man can have a very good life.

What if everything were reversed.

What if only a husband’s perspective was important in marriage and cheating was only wrong for the wife?
What if the family court system discriminated against wives?
Would women want to become wives to the massive degree they do today?


By nature, men and women are companions. By Nazifeminism, men and women are now adversaries.

No word of lie, I withness men who was involved with women who would complain if they took the garbage out and put in the wrong trash can. She had two, and they both went out to the curb on Mondays, but if they put it in the can further from the door going outside, there was hell to pay.

Still another would bitch at me for doing my own laundry…the wrong way…meaning “not the way I do my own”.

Guys, you get married and you will always be wrong. Now I understand that these are smallish things over which to get upset, but if you get this kind of treatment for stupid and pointless shit, what kind of treatment can you expect with more important stuff?

Marriage is voluntary slavery for any man. The only joy a wife has is complaining about everything you do, everything you say, and everything you believe. They may not all be ball-busting bull dykes, but they sure as hell think of you as nothing but a child needing her guidance; and a stupid one at that.

Women wonder what happened to all the nice guys. When they say they want someone nice, they mean someone who never rebels, never disagrees, and only talks about what she wants to talk about. Don’t even think about considering yourself a self-realized human being. At best, you are an errant pet. Don’t believe me? Watch how they all spit venom amongst themselves when the men-folk are out of ear shot. It isn’t enough to merely be a decent if flawed man. You have to be “nice”.

::::Men’s reproductive rights? none!

It doesn’t matter if it’s planned or not, NO MALE has any reproductive rights whatsoever.

Meanwhile women have dozens of means of contraception, the right to abort WITHOUT the other parent’s consent, complete control over any male’s reproductive destiny, the right to simply dump babies they don’t want and more.

It’s way past time women were required by law to acquire the father’s consent before proceding with any pregnancy. His involvement in the process should be both voluntary AND consensual.

The only fact is that women have control over every part of the reproductive cycle – from pre-conception via contraceptives, to pregnancy via legalized abortions, and even post-birth via adoption and no penalized abandonment. A woman does not have to be a mother, if she so chooses.

Now let’s look at what reproductive rights men have. They have none!

If a woman gets pregnant, and can easily terminate it or give it away, she can choose to keep it so she can extract money from the man. Conversely, she can choose to kill the unborn baby, even if the man wants it.

So I must disagree with statement that both parties should pay out of wedlock. Until men have equal reproductive rights (funny how women only want equality when it benefits them exclusively), all responsibilities should be solely placed on the woman who chooses to become a parent when she can opt out of it at any time.

Marriage is the biggest source of depression and soul-crushing malaise for men in many countries. Nothing else even comes close.

It is no wonder that the marriage rate is dropping fast everywhere, and that 40% of people say “marriage is obsolete”. Data from the U.K. that has not been cherrypicked to favor marriage shows that men who don’t marry are happier then men in any kind of marriage; And men who never marry have less heart disease than married men now. The old saw about married men “living longer” has also been disproven, with newer, better data.

:::: Divorce: Men are doomed, women wins the pot!

The only certain way to avoid losing the house, children, money, cars, and mental and physical health is not married.

Each strategy, action plan and various precautions that you may take before get married, do not solve two major problems related to marriage in a feminist society like ours.

The first of these two main problems arises when you get married: your wife from that moment, takes the knife by the handle.

The second problem is that in case of separation, in most cases is the man to lose everythings.

Regarding the first problem, your girlfriend just became “wife” is automatically invested by State laws with a great new power that earlier, during the normal relationship, did not have.

It ‘s the power of using blackmail as a weapon in this Feminist State society, that is threatening the separation with everything that goes with it (the second problem).

All the grains of the first problem can manifest itself in countless ways. An example: you have children, you want to send them to private school, your wife, to public school. Discuss, argue, and do not come to a compromise. In the evening, or night, your wife decides to revenge about you in a snake way: she doesn’t make love with you, for days, weeks, sometimes even for mouths.

This weapon, we may name it “sexual blackmail”, she had it also before marriage, but it was fair, since you could oppose the other weapons:

1) I leave you,
2) I go with another woman better than you,
3) I go to prostitutes,


All these weapons, balancing the relactionship between men and women, now doesn’t works anymore!, well, you still have them but you can potentially backfire yourself!

if you leave it, go with another, go to prostitutes or else your wife could use his new femminist State laws power, which did not had before, and invoke the rules (female), asking for the separation and punish you with everything that goes with it.

During the marriage your wife can do the good and the bad weather, i doesn’t matter how much “land” you have in a marriage, keep in mind that she always rule on the entire playing field, and this one of those situations where the only way to don’t lose, is not to play.

In other words, will you board a plane if you already knows that the chances it may crash is above 70%?? Doubtful.

Do not get married.. We can not and should not entrust our fate to the only “good heart” of the woman you’re set, since for men are missing a number of safeguards that make the marriage the equivalent of Russian roulette (loaded with five bullets..)

Once you become aware of this, we must consider the underlying problems, and before you ask “is convenient for me to get married?” you Would be better to ask yourself “why I want to get marry?”.

For believers, this needs may arise to make the sacrament of marriage. But let me tell you.. does this sacrament make sense in a corrupted society, where the marriage seems to have become an excuse to have joy in the church for a day, have a good time for a week going “honeymoon in the Maldives”, only to dissolve this “sacred link “when you wife decide it’s time to” break free from the chains of marriage (but not from your bank account)?

Is this or not, for believers, a serious insult to the sacrament of marriage?

Just as in a church, used for black prayers and the adoration of the devil should not celebrate prayers, so in a society corrupted by feminist cancer, a church should not be used to clean the traditions that we have only in the outer shell, but within inside is corrupted and decaying.

For non-believers, however, the issue is much simpler, and decide not to marry takes a sense of independence from the increasingly oppressive rule from this NAZIFEMMINIST State laws against men in many countries!

Let me ask you, Why give the State more freedom to enter right into our bedrooms, giving women more options to punish men when she decide that this is right? why let them be the judges of men sentimental/economical life?

This power, which the NAZIFEMMINIST State laws has used and continues to use to transfer money from men’s wallets in women’s pockets, and to widen the freedom of all proportion to the detriment of women than men, now sees its greatest expression in the Marriage!

The only solution, TODAY, is: AVOID MARRIAGE.

If you want to live the experience of married life, you can always experiment with cohabitation, longer or shorter, always provided that they are not made more insidious and misleading laws to equate cohabitation with marriage! talk straight to your partner that you are not ready for marriage and eventually you’ll never be… and if they start to argue with you that you are selfish and you should grow up and get your responsabilities, it means that you should be ready to be enslaved to what they thing is best for you.. so ditch them as soon as you can! if you don’t want to be another bancomat/ATM men with the word “welcome” tatooed in your shoulder, just to remember that you become a new Nazifeminist’s slave!

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Kevin 9:54 pm - 8th Agosto:

I think there are several reasons why men are reluctant to commit to a marriage. First, marriage is truly an outdated institution from the 1950’s. However, modern day society is trying to fit their lives into something that does not work. Women have changed their roles and are trying to do everything, have everything, etc. Men cannot have everything, so what makes a woman think that she can? Women have changed and expect men to adapt to their new roles. Bottom line…men have not changed, but women have and that changes the traditional role of marriage. Women now expect men to work and do everything else to pick up the slack where they are leaving off.

Men tend to be disturbed by the things they are seeing today.Feminism has virtually destroyed the family or what is left of that venture. If you look at most of the social ills such as school shootings, drug abuse, obese children, latch key kids, ADD, emotional problems, among many others, these things can be traced back to the roots of feminism in this country. Many of these things either did not exist or were mild prior to about 1970. You will never find that women’s groups will admit to this because they are too self absorbed to acknowledge any of this. The feminists also tend to treat the sanctity of life with little regard as they casually visit an abortion clinic on their lunch hour because a baby might interfere with their career. The bottom line is that many men are disgusted with women and therefore, women have little respect in this country.

The second reason for not marrying is finding a quality person. I live in the south which is a god awful place to be single. I am from an upscale family, but I am having a hard time finding my social equal/quality woman. I know many other guys that feel the same way. Should we move to Santa Barbara, St. Louis or Dallas in hopes of better prospects? The quality of women makes you want to stay single. There are so many single women with 3 kids (multiple fathers), no class, tattoos, multiple piercings, $35,000 in credit card debt, obese, but expect to land a quality guy with a good job and money.

The third reason for not marrying is that men do not trust women. Women are perceived as having motives. Some want to rush into marriage after just 4-5 months of dating. Marriage should be viewed as a serious step which could impact the rest of your life. A lot of women have the attitude that if it does not work, there are others and she will get a settlement. It makes you wonder just how many women would rush to the alter if they did not think there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ladies, please wake up and realize that men know this. A pre-nup is a good idea, but most women (and her parents) are insulted by this, but these same women who are insulted turn into greedy wolves when it comes to divorce court. Women are more eager to marry because it is less devastating to them financially. If you have any money at all, it is best to lock up all of your assets into a trust which cannot be touched during a divorce. Most women do not like a pre-nup because deep inside, they know there may be a pot of gold, but it might only be half full.

Another reason for not marrying is that men see their lifestyle and quality of life as being better while single. There is room to move, explore new jobs, meet new people, go back to school, travel, spend time with friends, and basically enjoy a quality of life.Many of these exciting things would not be possible if a man was tied up in a marriage. The flip side is marriage which tends to equal “the same old routine”. Men like variety in life and like it or not, women tend to try to limit what men do such as spend time with friends, etc. The problem with marriage is that after the ceremony, here comes the unrealistic expectations, and then the resentments, etc. It is a no win situation when someone feels like they are trapped in a cage.

Finally, let me sum this up. Women have become more like men with their independent nature, etc. Men do not pay respect to other men in the same manner as they do for a woman. It is plain and simple that men do not see women in the same light as they did in previous generations. It is everyone for themselves, and men see the need to protect themselves as well as their assets. That is just the wave of the future.

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Rob 9:43 pm - 4th Febbraio:

It looks like you borrowed much information from this post
but thats OK. You still did a good job. You added good, significant information.
As a result of feminism, marriage has become a waste of time for men.

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cesare 10:27 am - 6th Febbraio:

Vedo, nel sito proposto e allegato, il tema degli studi sulla violenza femminile; in merito torno a segnalare, a chi già non lo conoscesse, il lavoro del dott. Eugenio Pellizzari che trovate in rete su Psychomedia col titolo:” La violenza delle donne che cos’è, come se ne parla”. A mio avviso dice una parola conclusiva sul mito della nonviolenza femminile sulla base dei principali studi e ricerche internazionali. La cortina di silenzio che è da sempre calata su questo lavoro la dice lunga sul sistema di menzogne che struttura la falsa coscienza popolare imposta oggi con un formidabile investimento di risorse pubbliche e private.

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Luigi Corvaglia 1:05 pm - 6th Febbraio:

“La cortina di silenzio che è da sempre calata su questo lavoro la dice lunga sul sistema di menzogne che struttura la falsa coscienza popolare imposta oggi con un formidabile investimento di risorse pubbliche e private.”
Hai ragione Cesare. Per questo noi lo abbiamo linkato ed anche caricato nel nostro post archivio: le FAQ di UB

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Marco Pensante 1:40 pm - 6th Febbraio:

Damien, Rob is right. The article is good, but you should credit him for the part you borrowed. Besides that, I think it’s worth noting that, while here in Italy women are not as screwed up as in the US (per Kevin’s account), and so they can be very attractive and fun as long as they’re your girlfriends, once you ARE married they seem to quickly make up for the lost time. And divorces are just as devastating as in the US, or possibly more, because most guys here haven’t yet realized how dangerous it is to get married. They’ll think it only happens to celebrities, or the very rich.

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Charles Lewis 4:47 am - 22nd Aprile:

Fuck these hoes.

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fulvio tfghfgdddd54456456erzapi 6:17 pm - 22nd Aprile:

secondo me lo scopo recondito del femminismo è creare una società dove le donne possono chiedere una donazione di sperma ad una banca del seme, avere dei figli e crescerli con un buon tenore di vita senza la noiosa presenza di un marito che ai loro occhi sarebbe semplicemente un male necessario. ti crei una famiglia in modo da avere un investimento affettivo nei tuoi figli senza sposarti con un uomo qualunque che ovviamente non è il principe azzurro che sognavi a scuola (dato che i principi azzurri non sono mai fedeli impegnati come sono a gestire tutte le loro ammiratrici). le donne sono ultra-selettive, non gliene faccio una colpa perché è la loro natura così come non posso biasimare gli uomini per essere naturalmente promiscui. per ora le donne cercano ancora il marito perché non riescono a mantenere una famiglia da sole, ma quando sarà loro possibile cominceranno a evitare il matrimonio esattamente come stanno facendo gli uomini.
in futuro probabilmente anche gli uomini potranno crescere figli da soli e quindi la società si evolverà in famiglie monogenitoriali con solo il padre o la madre.

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T. Storla 2:36 pm - 14th Dicembre:

Get outside the USA & other highly feminized areas.

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Animus 11:11 am - 15th Dicembre:

fulvio tfghfgdddd54456456erzapi: secondo me lo scopo recondito del femminismo è creare una società dove le donne possono chiedere una donazione di sperma ad una banca del seme, avere dei figli e crescerli con un buon tenore di vita senza la noiosa presenza di un marito che ai loro occhi sarebbe semplicemente un male necessario.


Fulvio, quanti anni sono che segui le tematiche della qm, una decina?
E dopo anni e anni che sei addietro a questi argomenti, finalmente giungi ad una conclusione …arretrata di almeno mezzo secolo rispetto allo stato attuale della realtà!

Oggi, si parla di “same sex reproduction” (impropriamente, ovvio, dato che il sesso che si può riprodurre da solo, è solo uno)

Altro che banche del seme …sono preistoria!

E questi sono quelli che seguono, “i primi della classe”, figuriamoci …”il popolo bue”.

Eh,eh, quando dico che la qm è principalmente un problema d'”inadeguatezza maschile”, di un Logos che, da luce della coscienza, si è col tempo trasformato sempre più, “nello spirito dei poveri di spirito”….

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Animus 2:16 pm - 16th Dicembre:

Pur non apprezzando particolarmente il Benigni che si esibisce in queste performance culturali, ieri sera, una frase degna di nota l’ha detta, riferendosi all’Esodo quando il popolo ebraico di fronte alle difficoltà che l’essere liberi comportava, e ha sempre comportato, minacciava a Mosè di voler ritornare in catene sotto il Faraone:
“Perché vedete, a volte, non è tanto la libertà che non c’è, sono gli uomini Liberi, che mancano”..

Una gran bella sberla a tutte le ideologie (cristiane) che vogliono dividere l’umanità in vittime e carnefici, oppressi e oppressori, e a cui corrispondono il bene e il male, ignorando che spesso, quasi sempre in verità, così come si è artefici nel bene, la responsabilità del proprio male, non può essere cercata solo al di fuori di sé…

“« È stolto il far torto.
Il torto nostro … è più pesante da portare del torto altrui.
Non sono pochi gli uomini versati in quel sudicio raggiro di sé stessi consistente nel volgere il proprio torto in torto altrui, […] per potere in tal modo portare molto più facilmente il proprio peso. » ”

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armando 1:08 pm - 17th Dicembre:

Quando mai il cristianesimo dice che la repsonsabilità del proprio male è sempre fuori da sè? Non mi risulta affatto.
E quando mai le ideologie dominanti dicono invece che il male altrui è sempre colpa dell’altrui, con ciò assolvendo se stesse e condannando tutti gli altri? Sempre!
Ma in questo modo è del tutto evidente che il reale è sempre giusto. Quindi…..

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Animus 2:12 pm - 17th Dicembre:

armando: Quando mai il cristianesimo dice che la repsonsabilità del proprio male è sempre fuori da sè?

Lo dice, e in maniera potente, quando divide il mondo in primi e ultimi, i “cattivi” e i “buoni” (che nel giorno dell’Apocalisse finalmente, da ultimi, saranno loro i primi), ed il sigillo di appartenenza alla categoria dei buoni (o del bene) è quello di essere “sottomessi” dai cattivi ( o dal male).

Se togliamo questo pilastro dal cristianesimo, l’abbiamo snaturato.

Nell’induismo, ad es. accade l’esatto contrario, gli ultimi sono ultimi solo per colpa loro (hanno fatto del male nelle vite precedenti e lo stanno scontando): la responsabilità degli altri,sulla propria condizione è uguale a zero.

Ora, pur non prendendo l’induismo come modello, ciò non mi impedisce di vedere che le due fedi, su quest’aspetto, si trovano agli antipodi, ed è quindi ovvio, che quelle che cavalcano questo tema, sono “ideologie cristiane”, o se vogliamo, “interne al cristianesimo”, alla sua visione del mondo.

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armando 1:47 pm - 18th Dicembre:


Ergo, induismo religione che si adatterebbe perfettamente al capitalismo, all’opposto del cristianesimo. Le cose, però, sono un po’ più complicate, caro animus.

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Animus 2:38 pm - 18th Dicembre:

armando: Ergo, induismo religione che si adatterebbe perfettamente al capitalismo

Sì, infatti, come tutti sanno, il capitalismo, come il femminismo, sono nati là…all’interno della civiltà induista….che come la storia insegna, hanno colonizzato l’Europa , sfruttato i cristiani, i quali si sono liberati dall’imperialismo, forse unico caso nella storia, attraverso la pratica della rivoluzione “non violenta”.

Le cose sono sì un “po’ più complicate”, complessità verso la quale, “voi bacchettoni”, avete sempre dimostrato di non essere minimamente all’altezza, dato che la descrizione della realtà che fornite va bene solo per essere confezionata in un libro di fiabe per bambini, ma oltre…si rivela del tutto inutile, peggio, persino dannosa.
Fa danni….

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armando 2:19 pm - 20th Dicembre:

Hai ragione Animus. L’Induismo c’entra poco col capitalismo. Infatti è la religione delle Caste, in cui chi nasce in una (per responsabilità o merito di una vita precedente), non ha alcuna possibilità di affrancamento. De gustibus.
D’altronde ci sono favole per bambini e per, diciamo così, adulti. Si tratta di capire quali sono le più dannose.

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Arturo 10:42 pm - 19th Giugno:

Delle religioni non sopporto i rituali.
Come per i cattolici le processioni che hanno origini pagane e nulla di spirituale.
Ma per me Cristo è e rimarrà sempre la stella polare e nessuno mi farà cambiare idea.

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natasha 6:59 pm - 26th Giugno:

“The feminist judicial system often rules against husbands in divorce.”

I’ll go with a story. When my friend got divorced in the East coast, her ex-husband was sentenced to pay $50 a month in child support, until he got a better paying job than his minimum wage one. He doesn’t always pay the $50 a month, and no one does anything about it. He also didn’t want to take care of their kid, because he wanted to party and do drugs. The judicial system in Mississippi says women can’t get divorced until domestic violence crimes have been reported 3 times. I mean, come on. How feminist is the system? It really depends on where you live, and if you and your ex can come to agreements and not fight like dogs.

“Now let’s look at what reproductive rights men have. They have none!”

Men have the mental fortitude to be upfront and honest with their partner. They can get snipped. They can ask their girlfriend/wife to get fixed or to get an IUD (the 99.9% effective 10-year birth control method). A man makes a cognitive decision that he potentially could get a girl pregnant when he come inside a woman unprotected.

“Additionally, if the husband later loses his job & fails to continue child support payments, he will be jailed or punished severely!”

Actually, it’s hilarious that this is posted. I was in a program (Dress For Success) where 5 of the 10 people in the group were men who were not paying child support, and were divorced. One man was in college so it was waived. Another, had many years stacked up, but the court can’t ask for money when you don’t have any. And it’s better than a credit card, because there’s no accruing APR interest rate. Child support, unfortunately, in the hands of the courts, does get really bureaucratic. On the other side to that- paying $400/month for insurance, $1250 a month for daycare, $500 a month for groceries, gas, car payments, etc, costs a lot. Kids are not cheap. It’s unfair to assume 100% financial liability on a single mom. Assuming her job can even allow her to make ends meet without going into more debt.

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A different thought 10:21 pm - 22nd Marzo:

Men are avoiding marriage AND cohabitation because if the relationship goes wrong, the cards are stacked against them. The notion that single men are alone and by definition “incells” is absurd. Maybe it used to be like that in the past when marriage was the social norm as part of your success in life, but times have changed. I wonder if it has changed for the better, but the way it is now, if I were a teenager again, marriage and cohabitation would NOT be an option in any Western country. And there are plenty of men in their prime years who have wonderful careers, have an excellent social life but are single. You ladies wanted to be independent, being able to everything yourself and you don’t need a man to take care of you? Go girl!!!

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Human 11:38 am - 26th Aprile:

This article is horrid. Yes I am a woman. Not all women are awful, nor are all men. If your perspective on women is as you have written you will never find love or a good woman. The views expressed here are filled with deep seeded hatred.

Reproductive rights for men are called condoms. If you don’t want a child wrap it up. To raw dog it & fail to pull out is a selfish act if you don’t want a child. Condoms suck for women too. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Thanks for contributing to a world filled with hatred instead of live and contempt rather than compassion. You surely have helped with the degradation of society.

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